+ Hospitals

1DocWay helps hospitals expand psychiatry inpatient and outpatient revenue by connecting hospitals to underserved patient populations through lightweight technology and support. In doing so, 1DocWay can:

  • Help hospitals expand their reach of services into underserved areas, building hospitals’ referral base
  • Work with underserved care facilities to increase access to psychiatrists and improve community health
  • Reduce the high cost of co-morbid patients suffering both chronic and mental illnesses

1DocWay’s telepsychiatry platform not only helps hospitals to increase cost savings but also to expand their reach into surrounding communities and improve community wellness.

+ Underserved care settings

Reimbursement bonuses exist for providing telepsychiatry services to your patients. Not only do Medicare, Medicaid and many commercial plans fully reimburse for telepsychiatry, but some even offer bonus reimbursements on top of standard fee-for-service payment.

1DocWay can help underserved care settings including federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), rural primary care providers (PCPs) and critical access hospitals (CAHs) maximize on: cost savings, increased access to behavioral health services and improved clinical outcomes.

By using 1Docway’s telepsychiatry services, community clinics, rural hospitals and primary care clinics can:

  • Increase access to psychiatric services available at your facility
  • Expand revenue through telemedicine reimbursement bonuses
  • Improve community health and wellness, addressing mental health co-morbidities
  • Receive grant money for increasing access and delivering high-quality care

+ Nursing homes

Providing the necessary behavioral health care for nursing home populations presents an enormous challenge. Often times the staff is unequipped to deal with the complexities presented by mental health disease, and as a result patients receive improper care. In many cases patients receive inappropriate medications and disease states worsen. As a result, the overall wellness of the community suffers.

1DocWay’s low-cost and easy-to-implement telepsychiatry platform gives nursing homes the opportunity to:

  • Improve patient satisfaction by offering a wider range of services
  • Attract and retain more residents
  • Earn additional reimbursement through Medicare reimbursement bonuses for telepsychiatry

In addition to cost savings, 1DocWay’s telepsychiatry services improve clinical outcomes and increase access to expert mental health services.

+ Correctional facilities

Many correctional facilities have limited resources to provide adequate and much-needed behavioral health services for their inmates. 1DocWay can help correctional facilities overcome these limitations through our low-cost, easy-to-implement telepsychiatry platform.

1DocWay’s telepsychiatry platform can provide key benefits to correctional facilities including:

  • Reduce Transportation Costs: Telemedicine saved California $13 million that would have been spent transporting inmates to see specialists
  • Reduce Inmate Housing Costs: Telemedicine reduces the $7,500 in additional expenses needed to house the average inmate requiring psychiatric care, such as medications, extra staff, etc.
  • Demonstrate a 60% decrease in costs over in-person consultations in prisons.

1DocWay’s telepsychiatry services can help correctional facilities achieve the triple aim: increase cost savings, expand access to mental health services and improve clinical outcomes.

+ Accountable care organizations (ACOs)

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) aim to improve the business model of modern medicine by adjusting pricing models to better align the best interests of hospital’s bottom-line with the best interests of its patients.

By accepting an upfront fee to provide care throughout the entire course of a patient’s disease and recovery, or by receiving bonuses for minimizing costs and meeting quality benchmarks, hospitals are incentivized to ensure rapid and lasting recovery for their patients and are actually more profitable as a result of keeping their patients healthy and out of the hospital.

1Docway’s telepsychiatry services can help accountable care organizations:

  • Reduce costs by limiting the number of bed days
  • Ensure patient compliance
  • Reduce costs associated with hospital admission