+ How much time am I expected to spend with patients?

As much time that is clinically approriate to treat the patient well. You know best here.

+ Who handles patient emergencies?

Who handled patient emergencies before the psychiatrist joined the community? The psychiatrist works within the existing protocols and provides support as their schedule allows. Emergency response expectations are agreed upon by the psychiatrist and their community facility prior to seeing the first patient.

+ Is note taking included in the time allotted for patients or am I given extra time in which to complete record keeping?




+ How does the scheduling work?

You tell us what hours and days you want to work, and we will develop partnerships with clinics in those time slots.

+ How long am I committing to work?

We provide facilities with "permanent" staffing rather than locums tenens. Occasionally psychiatrists sign up to work as little as 6 months but most often extend their contracts. Our average psychiatrist commits for 2 to 4 years and this number keeps increasing!

+ What is the after hours support required?

Support varies, based on the level of emergency or urgency, and local resources. Our process expectations sheet clarifies how and when to contact psychiatrists, and when not to contact them.



+ What is the compensation?

We pay providers standard, hourly rates based on the state where the opportunity is located, as well as age ranges, and subspeciality services. Pay can range from $135/hr to $170/hr (up to $340,000 annually). The pay is guaranteed regarless of matter payor mix or acuity.

+ What about vacations?

We try to fit in extra hours the week before and after vacations, find appropriate coverage, and give the partner facilities as much notice as possible.

+ What about malpractice?

We can provide malpractice, and deduct $8 per hour from our rate with you. To go forward with this option, psychiatrists should share documentation of the past 10 years of malpractice coverage.

+ What's the workflow?

We develop workflow and comunication protocols to meet our physician expectations.An example of a typical workflow can be found here.

+ How often will I be paid?

We confirm your hours at the end of each month and upon confirmation submit payment electronically, which processes in 1 to 5 business days.

+ How does facility credentialing work?

Psychiatrists fill out our form once and we manage the process with the facilities from there.

+ Is board certification required?

It depends on the particular position.