+ Who are your psychiatrists?

Most often, local psychiatrists affiliated with our Hub. Nearby psychiatric hospitals are seeking to branch out and reach clinics and patients farther away from their location to improve cooridnation of care and build relationships with other community resources. The number of specialties is growing, and current providers specialize in adolescent, substance abuse, forensic, and general psychiatry.

+ Do you only have psychiatrists or do you have psychiatric NP or social workers?

Although we rely mostly on MDs, we can APRN (Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners who can prescribe) and LCSWs upon request.

+ How many hours can you provide?

Clients can set up a schedule for care on a weekly basis based on the needs of their care center. Services can range from a few hours a week (an a la carte basis) to part time or full time.

+ Do your providers offer psychotherapy services?

Absolutely! Psychiatrists conduct intake interviews/assessments, therapy, and medication evaluations/revisions

+ Do you know if telemedicine providers can offer clinical supervision for LMSWs and if so, do any of your providers offer that?

Many of our psychiatrists who have management experience are willing to providing clinical supervision at the same hourly rates, yet most clinics decline this service because it is not reimbursable. Some clinics have asked for physician and staff training, again at the same hourly rate, which is seen as an investment in staff capacity.



+ Whose provider is responsible for writing the prescription?

The psychiatrists from hub hospitals will write notes and prescriptions unless spoke sites would prefer an alternative method in which case the hub hospitals can provide recommendations

+ Do you have any providers that have experience in working with persons who are developmental disabled?

Although this is not our area of expertise, nor do we have plans to go down this road, we are open to discussing the possibility

+ How does a written prescription get sent to the patient's pharmacy?

If the prescription is written by physicians at the hub hospitals, the care center staff will call in the prescription. In the case of a controlled substance, the physician will mail a signed copy to the care center and they will pass it along to the patient. In the case of the care center writing prescriptions, the existing workflow would be followed

+ How quickly is a patient's prescription ready for pick-up?

Non-controlled substance prescriptions provided by hub hospitals are available once they are called in by the care center, and controlled substances are available once the scripts are received by the center. In the case of the care center writing the prescriptions, it would not take any longer than it would take to be picked up normally.

+ How does the process work for controlled scripts?

Psychiatrists will FedEx all controlled Rx (example-Ritalin) to the clinic for patients to pickup and fill at their local pharmacy.

+ Are you able to do e-prescribing to pharmacies?

We do not e-prescribe directly to pharmacies. Psychiatrists can e-prescribe during the encounter and the clinic staff facilitates the Rx filling.