FAQs for Psychiatrists Considering Genoa Telepsychiatry

Are you an experienced psychiatrist longing to practice medicine without the administrative hassles of running a private practice?

Are you exhausted by a full time schedule, dream of working fewer hours, with time to pursue personal interests and hobbies?

Have you enjoyed a successful career in psychiatry, want to scale back, without retiring?

Then perhaps you should consider telepsychiatry.

FAQs for Psychiatrists Considering Genoa Telepsychiatry

What is telepsychiatry and why is it an effective alternative to an in person session?

At Genoa Telepsychiatry, formerly 1DocWay, we build sustainable telepsychiatry programs that increase access to Behavioral Health providers in underserved communities. Our services improve clinical outcomes, and community health and wellness. Using telepsychiatry, individuals who otherwise would do without, can now receive treatment.

Who are your typical providers?

Our psychiatrists choose to work with us for a variety of reasons. Some have personal/family obligations which preclude them from working full time, while others are in the twilight of their careers and want to remain engaged, while enjoying flexibility in their schedules. Many providers have determined that they wish to provide psychiatric care and treatment, without the challenges of managing a private practice. Many psychiatrists are altruistic want to do well by doing good, care to and feel an obligation to provide care to disadvantaged individuals.

Regardless of their reasons and underlying motivation, our psychiatrists derive enormous personal and professional satisfaction from providing conscientious care and treatment via our telepsychiatry services.

What services are offered through telepsychiatry?

Comprehensive intake assessments, psychotherapy, and medication evaluations/management.

Where do patients receive services?

Services are delivered on-site at a familiar community mental health clinic where patients are familiar with the staff and feel comfortable in the milieu.  

Can medication be prescribed using telepsychiatry?

Yes. Our psychiatrists may prescribe all psychotropic medications for patients seen via our telepsychiatry platform.

Schedule II through Schedule V controlled medications can be prescribed, too. Our providers write out and sign the prescription, which is then sent directly to the clinic. Patients pick up their Rx and have it filled at their preferred pharmacy,

How effective is telepsychiatry?

Over the years, many well designed studies have been conducted demonstrating the clinical equivalency between a traditional face to face session and one conducted via telepsychiatry.

Are patients comfortable with the platform?

Absolutely! In fact, many individuals prefer receiving treatment via a video-chat format. Sessions are scheduled within days, eliminating the need to identify a local psychiatrist (who may be several hours away in many areas) then wait several months for an initial appointment.

Many individuals appreciate the privacy the platform affords and feel more comfortable seeing psychiatrists remotely, without worrying that they will encounter their psychiatrists in their community.

Are services on-demand or scheduled in advance?

Our clients contract for a specific number of hours per week, Services are delivered on schedule, at times that have been mutually determined by the clinics and our providers.

How much time am I expected to spend with patients?

We encourage you to provide the same exemplary care you would to patients in a traditional setting, therefore we do not dictate how you should practice. As a guideline however, forty-five (45)minutes are typically allocated to conduct comprehensive intake assessments and psychotherapy, while medication evaluations/management typically are fifteen (15) to thirty (30) minute sessions.

Is enrollment in Medicare/Medicaid/Insurance panels necessary?

Our providers are enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid and many insurance panels prior to providing care. To date, all of our sessions have been fully reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and many commercial payors.

Must I be Board Certified?

Most of our clients expect our providers to be Board Certified, however this is not mandatory in all cases.

Will I need to invest in expensive new equipment? Do I need to be a computer whiz?

All that is required is a laptop or tablet equipped with a webcam, and a high speed internet connection. The majority of existing computers or laptops are telepsychiatry-ready. There is typically no need for you to invest in or learn any new technology.

What Software is used?

At 1DocWay, we’ve built our own software, which is secure and HIPPA compliant. It has tools for patient scheduling, videoconferencing, documentation, document sharing, prescribing (medication and lab tests) and workflow automation.

That’s all well and good, but how about compensation?

We pay providers standard, hourly rates based on the state where the opportunity is located, as well as age ranges, and any sub-specialty services. Pay can range from $135/hr to $170/hr, up to $340,000 annually.

The pay is guaranteed regardless of payor mix or patient acuity.

How/When do I get paid?

We confirm your hours at the end of each month and upon confirmation submit payment electronically, which processes in 1 to 5 business days

What is the expected time commitment?

We provide facilities with "permanent" staffing rather than locums tenens. To ensure continuity of care, we encourage providers to view telepsychiatry as a long term commitment. Our average psychiatrist commits for 2 to 4 years and this number keeps increasing as a direct result of their satisfaction delivering care via telepsychiatry.

How does scheduling work?

At the outset, you identify the days and hours that you wish to work, whether on a PT or FT basis. We will identify clinics willing to accommodate your preferences.

Will I need to be credentialed to work with your clients?

Yes. We assist our clinics with the credentialing process and will keep your information on file, to reduce the need to face the same onerous process each time you start with a new clinic

Is training included?

Our customer Success team will provide comprehensive training in advance, so that you are confident and comfortable prior to conducting your first session.

How do I build rapport and a strong working relationship with local care teams if I’m remote? 

A collaborative working relationship between our providers and the clinical team (including primary care physicians, Nurses, PAs, LCSWs) is something we value immensely – we encourage you to develop and maintain strong professional relationships, and effective, ongoing communication.

You will become an essential, integral member of the clinical care team and we strongly encourage all members to communicate and coordinate care to provide excellent health outcomes.

What about malpractice? What if I don't have my own policy? 

No worries. We will simply add you to our policy for a nominal monthly fee.

Non-Compete Agreements

This isn't typically an issue, so long as our providers aren't currently working with the clinics that we will eventually match them with. 

Can you describe the workflow?

Patient sessions are conducted, then at the conclusion, our providers will provide the correct CPT billing codes for services rendered. We expect that patient progress notes are completed within forty-eight (48) hours of the appointment.

How soon can I start?

Should we have a clinic in the state(s) where you are licensed, you can be assigned promptly. Please keep in mind that providers must be credentialed, on-boarded, trained and determined to be an appropriate fit with our clinics prior to beginning to provide services.

How do I sign up to become a provider?

That’s easy! Please click here to complete our short application form and our physician engagement team will contact you shortly.

If you any questions or would like more information, please submit your name and email address and someone from our team at Genoa Telepsychiatry will reach out to you.

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