Different Telepsych Clinics, Similar Benefits

Emergency Departments, Psychiatric Hospitals, and Community Health Centers each serve a vital function in our country’s healthcare system. Although they are dramatically different from one another, we have found that each can, and does, benefit from telepsychiatry.

Having worked with more than 43 clinics throughout the country, Genoa Telepsychiatry, formerly 1DocWay, has heard a wide variety of reasons why telepsychiatry is beneficial for facilities of all shapes and sizes. Below are highlights of the commonly echoed themes from each of these facility types:

QUESTION: How do Emergency Departments benefit from telepsychiatry?
ANSWER: Increase access to psychiatric care while saving time and money!

It is necessary to carefully treat and delicately care for patients in an emergency department setting, and yet the expense of treating inpatients is immensely costly from both a time management and resource perspective.

Telepsychiatry programs give emergency departments the opportunity to more effectively manage psychiatry crises by turning over the ED case to an experienced psychiatric clinician. In effect, telepsychiatry networks not only increase the quality of care, but also dramatically decrease the internal stress of staff, as staff know a psychiatrist is on hand who can deliver effective and timely care when internal staff are overwhelmed or unsure of clinical action.

QUESTION: How do Psychiatric Hospitals benefit from telepsychiatry?
ANSWER: Improve bed utilization and patient satisfaction, all while generating new revenue streams.

Psychiatry Hospitals are essential puzzle pieces in our country’s efforts to successfully diagnose and treat psychiatric patients. By providing referral-generating outpatient and ED services to the surrounding community, a Psychiatric Hospital’s telepsychiatry platform increases bed utilization.

Moreover, hospitals can recruit new and high-quality MDs by providing a variety of work and practice opportunities. Psychiatric Hospitals using telepsychiatry have become the go-to provider for all mental health needs in their area, and, in doing so, build their reputation as a mental health facility of excellence.

QUESTION: How do Clinics and Health Centers benefit from telepsychiatry?
ANSWER: Improve psychiatry access to the surrounding community, while increasing revenue streams and adding additional service lines.

It is no secret that there is a dramatic shortage of psychiatrists across the country -- 30,000 clinics in the United States lack sufficient psychiatric care. Adding a telepsychiatry network to your community improves access to much needed psychiatric care in communities with insufficient psychiatrists.

Be it an additional hour or 4 additional full-time psychiatrists, clinics across the country each have individual needs. Whatever those needs are, telepsychiatry allows facilities to meet that need. What’s more, by incorporating telepsychiatry into existing clinical settings, facilities can earn new revenue streams through telemedicine bonus payments and add additional service lines.

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