Top 5 Challenges in Managing Psychiatry in the ED And How to Overcome Them

Being in an emergency room is stressful for everyone involved and managing behavioral health patients in the ED poses many challenges. 1 in 4 Americans experience
mental illness each year and up to 15% of ED visits are related to psychiatric diagnoses.
Wait times for an available psychiatrist can be up to two days, leading to boarding the patient.

The top five challenges this presents are:

  1. Delayed Care
  2. Expertise Shortage
  3. Overcrowding
  4. Costly Resource Expenditures
  5. High Stress and Risks

Telepsychiatry can help ED's manage behavioral health patients in an easier, more timely, and cost-efficient way and greatly improve the experience and clinical outcomes for the patients while enhancing satisfaction for both patients and providers.

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