Top 4 Benefits of Telepsychiatry for Providers

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1. Flexibility: Optimize your schedule based on your availability

Providers are able to supplement existing employment with telepsychiatry work. Telepsychiatry centralizes a provider’s practice by eliminating travel time, thereby increasing availability for patient encounters. Using telepsychiatry, providers can find the right opportunities based on desired scheduling.

2. Increased patient base: Visit more patients while boosting earnings potential

Telepsychiatry provides a steady stream of income for providers at competitive market rates. Providers are paid in full for their time, regardless of patient show rates.

3. Treat underserved patients: Access those in need care

Telepsychiatry targets communities that lack access. Providers are able to reach patient populations that are most in need while being a part of an innovative treatment model.  

4. Consistency: Reliable schedule benefits the provider and improves patient care

Consistent weekly scheduling creates predictability for providers and patients alike. By ensuring consistent care for patients, patient progress can be accelerated.