The doctor has a new address...

A cause worth getting behind

Being sick is hard enough. Not being able to get a doctor when needed is additional stress that everyone could do without. 1DocWay wants to solve the access problem in healthcare by bringing access to specialists to those who are underserved. Our initial focus is on mental health. We see mental health as a problem that doesn't get enough attention and is one that has a significant impact on people's quality of living. 1DocWay's mission is to bring mental health access to any patient that needs it, regardless of their ability to reach a doctor. If you think that's a cause worth getting behind, check out our job openings.

A team that plays to win

Started by a team of friends, 1DocWay has always attracted the best and the brightest. Not only do we have the privilege of working with some really smart people, but we also relish the fact that everyone on our team inspires each other to do better in life. If you want to be part of a team that plays to win, check out our job openings.

Values we are proud of

At 1DocWay, we value honesty, integrity, hard work and doing the right thing above all else. We hope that you do too. Check out our job openings.

We are no longer taking applications for the 2015 Summer internship class. Interns are now being considered for positions starting this Fall semester of 2015 and going through the Spring semester of 2016.